January 22, 2022, 8 pm Pacific Time - Live stream
How to Manage Workload and Stress at Uni or School To Achieve Your Best
The Teenager’s Ultimate Guide to Surviving
School & Uni
I’m going to talk about keeping up with piles of work you need to deal with to survive the year
How to retain what you study and ace your exams
How to apply for University to get your best shot at being accepted
Forming habits to prevent exam anxiety
How to have a ‘life’ without sacrificing your grades
Avoid burning out during the semester while keeping productivity
Eliminate time-wasting and procrastination
Optimise your study schedule to get your best results without feeling overwhelmed
Then we’ll talk about how you can make your effort really count and give you achievements and even job perspectives
How to pass when the info you need is not in the course. High achiever lifeline
The best study tools to elevate your study sessions
How to transform studying and high school into CV-worthy experience
How to know what major you want to choose at University
About Speaker
Liv is a student at the University of Auckland, who achieved the maximum NCEA rank score and scored in the top 1% of NCEA scholarship results. She is studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Ancient History, for which she topped the 2021 exam.
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